Project METACentrum covers majority of activities concerning GRIDs and/or high performance computing in general in the Czech republic. METACentrum is one of strategic projects of CESNET institute.

The main aim of the project is constitution of a virtual computer that allows effective utilization of installed facilities in the frame of supercomputing project. The project simultaneously enables solving of tasks whose memory and/or CPU requirements exceeds possibility of individual single supercomputing centers (nodes). The goal of METACentrum project is to offer to METACentrum users uniform and unified access to all computational resources without necessity of repeated login.

METACentrum currently composed of several collaborating supercomputing centers sharing computational capacities. Nowasays the participants of METACentrum project are:

Systems administrated by the project form virtual distributed computer, recently called the Grid. The goal is to hide for users unimportant differences among individual concrete systems forming the Grid, allow synchronous usage of those resources and therefore provide the computational capacity exceeding possibilities of individual centres.